Summer 2018 Update


Chris and Lynn Toney

Summer 2018 Update


Dear Friends and Family,

So far, 2018 sure has brought much challenge but also much joy.  We hope you find our Summer 2018 Update interesting and informative – It will be great to hear back from you!  All the very best,

Chris and Lynn

Double Portion of Blessing

When is the last time you felt truly cared for? When was the last time you felt truly blessed? A few weeks ago, Chris and I felt and received both a sense of care and were blessed beyond measure. During our 22 years in full time missions our sending church in Bothell Washington, Canyon Hills Community Church have been right there, side by side with us, interceding for us, cheering us on and providing the much needed funds so that we can bring the gospel to the far corners of the globe.

The first of two blessings is a video  produced by the CHCC communications team, highlighting our journey as a young family, the call on our lives and the many stories of Gods faithfulness. Pictures of us from so long ago reminded Chris and I that we are not getting any younger (lol) but more so of Gods amazing love, provision and grace that has been extended and bestowed to our family. Thank you Canyon Hills, for wanting to show that an ordinary family can do extra ordinary things for the Lord. May our call to serve in missions, bring forth many to be released into the amazing journey of full time faith based missions.

The second blessing came in the way of retreat. A retreat is a place to get away, to leave the world of missions for a brief moment and to commune with the Lord.  Canyon Hills blessed each of their supported missionaries with a 5 day retreat.  We were pampered, loved, cherished, loved on well in those 5 days. A time to renew, refresh and remind each of us, our mandate. The theme was “ The Grove”. The idea of how does one cultivate that place in our hearts, in our minds to do the work we are called to do.  How to nurture and protect what is precious to the Lord and to oneself so that we can go out again into this world and be at our best to bring Gods love, Gods peace and Gods light to those who do not know Him. A big thank you to our head pastor off CHCC, pastor Steve Walker and to our missions pastor Corey Mortimer who prayed and brought this retreat into being.  You two and the team that supported us during the retreat have no idea the impact you have made for us all that are blessed to be a part of CHCC.


Ecc 3:8 states: “To everything there is a season.”  We have all been a part of seasons that provide revelation, clarity, unknown, character, hardship, joys and most of all growth. Seasons come and they go, much like the wind, sometimes swift and sometimes more in a calming way. YWAM DP the ministry and training base that Chris and I founded back in the early 2000’s and where we handed over the reigns 2 ½ years ago has had its fair share of seasons. The season of training and ushering in countless students and staff on a physical YWAM base has officially come to an end. Due to governmental issues, and other unique circumstances the doors of the base in Belize has closed.  We are sad to say goodbye (again) but also are trusting the Lord for the possibly of new season, new vision, to potentially blow in once more. Thank you to DP’s amazing staff and to all students who have been and are yet to be a part of the many seasons of DP.   A new season is beginning with the introduction of University of the Nations Online – a ministry of YWAM Destination Paradise.  Stay tuned…

What Is Chris Up To?

If you ask me to summarize what I do in one sentence, I would say that I am working hard with many people from many ministries to end bible poverty.  There are still over 1500 living languages that have no biblical witness at all and we are working hard to bring this number to zero.

I am currently hard at work in 4 primary areas: VerbView, Greek SourceView, Teaching Hebrew and Greek to students in the UofN Masters of Applied Linguistics in Bible Translation and putting the finishing touches on Biblical Hebrew Online course.  I typically travel, teaching and speaking a great deal, but since the demise of YWAM DP’s campus in Belize and the many unpaid ministry debts that were left on the table (meaning… we get to cover them ourselves), finances have severely limited travel so far this year.   In 2017, I was blessed to travel to, speak or teach in Nepal, India, Russia, Israel, China, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakstan, Turkey, Jordan, Cyprus, South Africa, The UK, Belize, and locations in the US.

VerbView is a soon to be added element to the SourceView Bible App which was produced by the Bible Innovation Team of which I am a part.  VerbView looks at every verb in the Bible (yes, every verb) and identifies whether the action is something God did, does or will do – or is it the action of someone other than God.  The idea is that if we want to know God, we look at what He has done and does.  This very exciting project has already revealed some amazing insights about God and is defined to be the source of great discoveries about the Lord!

Greek SourceView If you are not yet familiar with the SourceView format of scripture (the first format change in Scripture in 500 years) it is quite innovative. I have completed formatting the Greek Scriptures into SourceView and am currently working on Hebrew. A number of other gifted folks are working hard on this and additional languages and tools will be included the SourceView Bible App soon.

MALiBT is short for Masters of Applied Linguistics in Bible Translation, one of a number of Masters level programs offered by the University of the Nations.  I was asked to facilitate the teaching of both Hebrew and Greek to the students in this current program.  What a privilege and joy!

UofN Online is a new ministry of YWAM Destination Paradise. I am nearly finished with our first University of the Nations Extension (online) Studies course, Biblical Hebrew Online and will have Biblical Greek Online available next.  We plan to have many online course offerings in the future!

Prayer Requests

The first half of 2018 has been very difficult as we have been quite involved with the closure of YWAM DP’s campus in Belize.  Please pray for us during this season.

Please pray for God’s miraculous provision as we seek to raise a great deal of funding to cover a lot of debt left behind by YWAM DP.

We work very hard with a lot of enthusiasm.  Please pray that we can maintain the pace we have set for ourselves while staying healthy and effective both in ministry and in life.


Thank you for joining us in missions!  

We highly value our relationship with you and would love to know how you are and how we can pray for you.

We do need to build our level of financial support and invite you to prayerfully
give monthly or send a one time gift.


What Are The Toneys Up To?


We have had many questions about what we’re up to and how we’re doing.  So we compiled some of those questions and did our best to give answers to each. If you have a question we left out, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll get right back to you.  There is news out of Belize regarding YWAM Destination Paradise and we’ll fill you in on that soon.  Blessings to you and please read on!

What is the short version of your history in missions?

  • In 1992, we both felt a nudge from the Holy Spirit during a Missions Emphasis” Sunday at church.
  • In 1996, while Chris was working as a Mega Yacht Captain, we knew unmistakably that the timing for us in missions had come.
  •  in early 1997, we gave e a lot of our possessions away and with what was left, had the “Toney Liquidation Sale”.  The 5 of us including our three kids ages 4, 2 and 1 piled into our station wagon and headed off to do our DTS with Mercy Ships in Texas and Trinidad in the Caribbean.
  • In late 1997, Chris served as a deck officer on the Caribbean Mercy for a month as she was sailed through the Panama Canal.
  • For all of 1998, the 5 of us served aboard the Island Mercy in the Pacific visiting and ministering in all but one of the island nations between Tonga and The Philippines including New Zealand.
  • In 1999, we joined the Anastasis in South Africa and served throughout West Africa and Europe until March of 2003.
  • In 2003/04, we began a season of transition between Mercy Ships and the founding of YWAM Destination Paradise.
  • In 2004 we relocated to Whidbey Island, Washington to work full time on the new vision that YWAM DP would become
  • Between 2006 and 2011 we sailed aboard one, then two sailing cats throughout the Caribbean as the amazing and highly adventurous platform for a very dynamic edition of YWAM’s Discipleship Training Schools (DTS).
  • In 2010, while in Belize, Central America, we felt lead to lease a property ashore and begin running schools on land in addition to the sailing catamarans. We did this in Belize until we felt strongly lead to release the boats from the ministry in 2012 and move all schools ashore.
  • In 2013, we moved to a larger facility.
  • In 2016, we handed over the leadership of YWAM DP to a team we had been investing in for a number of years as we prepared to follow the call of the Lord to Kona, Hawaii and the largest YWAM – University of the Nations campus in the world.  And that brings us up to date – but there are more questions 🙂

How has the transition been, since leaving Belize? Is the transition now complete? 
The transition has been good, but harder than we expected it to be.  Leaving Belize was only difficult because of the relationships with amazing staff and with a number of friends in town, but we did not reluctantly leave Belize, it was the call of God after all!  Getting settled in Kona took much longer than we thought it would but it has has been good.  Yes, we would say that transition is complete!

Where are you serving now?
We are both serving in and from Kona, Hawaii – both on the University of the Nations Kona Campus and around the world.

When you say you travel globally for YWAM and the University of the Nations, what does that mean?
We both travel, teach and speak in various locations around the world.  Chris will have over 120,000 air miles in 2017 and Lynn is not far behind!

As full time missionaries what are your roles now that you are not leading a YWAM base any longer?
Lynn is a Biblical Counselor serving the staff and students of the University of the Nations Kona Campus. She also teaches on a variety of topics in YWAM schools here in Kona and abroad.  She is also quite involved in leadership training and coaching for leaders in various locations.

Chris is part of the Bible Innovation Team and very active in Biblical research related to the SourceView Bible App (Apple App Store and Google Play).  His knowledge of Hebrew and Greek is being put to use in significant ways to End Bible Poverty Now.  He is also part of the International DNA Infusion team with Loren and Darlene Cunningham (YWAM’s founders) and David Hamilton (UofN VP of Strategic Innovation) traveling to gatherings of leaders in various locations around the world.

What does End Bible Poverty mean? 
There are just about 7,100 living languages on Earth.  There are still just over 1,600 of them with no Biblical witness at all: no bibles, no bible stories, no recordings of Gospels of John or any other books, no missionaries to act out bible stories for those in purely oral cultures.  In addition to the millions of people who have never seen or heard the word of God, there are many who have the Bible in their heart languages but either don’t know what it means.  Ending Bible Poverty means to put at least portions of the Bible in every language on earth in a way that the people can understand (written and/or oral) and do all we can to help everyone comprehends the message of Jesus.

Where do you live? 
We sold our home on Whidbey Island and were blessed to be able to purchase our home here in Kona.  The guest room is available for you!

How is your support with all of the moving and in working more globally for YWAM?
When we think of missionary support, we always take that term very broadly, not just financially.  We are very blessed to have many people supporting us through their prayers, encouragement, and cheering us on.   The  level of our financial support has not dropped in over 20 years in missions.  However, the places and situations we have lived and served have required a lower level of financial support than living and serving from the USA.  We are praying that more people will find themselves lead to begin or increase financial support for us.

How can we pray for you two?

We consider prayer the backbone of our missions support and are very grateful for all who pray!  We’re doing very well but do feel the drain of working very hard and know we need to take more breaks and breathe more.  Please pray that our efforts may be multiplied.  For the workers the Lord has sent out into the harvest and are struggling, please pray that Lynn’s gifted council will aid in helping them bear much fruit. For the biblical language research and innovation that Chris is both teaching and working in, may it serve to help translations be accurate and the spiritual eyes of millions be opened to the Gospel.  Please do pray with us on in the area of financial support.  We praise God for you and thank you for joining us in missions.


Teaching and Ministry Across 16 Time Zones

I have recently returned from a really great teaching and ministry trip – I LOVE what I am so blessed to do!  (see photos below) The first stop represented the first time I was at YWAM DP in Belize for sixteen months.  I had a chance to teach in their DTS on Leadership and Discipling the Nations.  What a great group – and it was SO GOOD to see staff and friends I have spent so much time with over the years.

Continue reading “Teaching and Ministry Across 16 Time Zones”


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India awakens you to your senses. From the vivid colors of reds and yellows, to the smell of Chai tea and curry, to the richness of her beautiful people, to the clanging of the city to the stillness of her farmland, India is a burst of unbelievable sights and sounds. I had the honor and privilege to work alongside my good friend of many years, Brenda Lewis. Brenda is the founder of CRI, (Child Restoration International). CRI’s purpose: to rescue and restore women and children who are at risk of sexual exploitation and trafficking in India. I was able to connect with many of the children they have rescued off the streets. As well as to bring some encouragement through teaching in leadership and counseling tools and skills for those CRI’s staff in the field. Here are some photos of this amazing trip.

CRI’s main fundraising is achieved through handmade jewelry that is made in India and sold in America and overseas ( see link below to purchase). What an incredible full cycle way of providing necessary funding to the many orphanages that CRI’s supports. From the Indian artisans, to those who want to purchase beautiful Indian jewelry; all connected to the children and women at risk.

If you would like to purchase jewelry (goes directly to orphanages), hear stories of redemption, want to get involved with Child Restoration International or want more information about CRI’s amazing ministry in India please click the following links: / and : /

The stories of these amazing children being rescued off the streets are one of Gods love and protection. Be inspired by Amera’s story, which was made into a short (under 5 minutes) video. It can be seen here:

** May I ask, for the protection of the workers of CRI and the children they help, that this blog and any of its content not be shared through social media.

Thank you Brenda Lewis in all that you do for so many. What a privilege to be called your friend and to stand with you as you serve those in India.


Nepal – Discipling the Nations

I recently had a wonderful opportunity to teach in a bible school in Nepal.  This was my second trip to this spectacular and highly spiritual nation.  I taught the final two week module in a BSN (Bible School for the Nations) which is called Discipling the Nations.  We spent a lot of time on the spheres of influence in society and ending bible poverty.  We talked a lot about divine providence and walked through history from the perspective of the part God has played in history.  The 8 Nepalese students were particularly blessed when we came to 1950 and began to talk about the fact that in that year, the Nepalese government recorded zero Christians in their country (although we are aware that there were at least a few there at that time but that’s another story).  The reason this made the Nepalese students so excited is that today Nepal has the fasted growing Christian population of any country in the world with now around 2 Million Christians less than 70 years after the country was opened up to humanitarian assistance (medical and various other development) in 1951 by King Tribhuvan.  Many of those who came to the aid of this poor nation were Christians with big hearts and lots of love.  The Nepalese people began to be open to the God of the Christians and forsake their Hindu roots.  

It was so good to be back in Nepal with good friends and doing really great ministry. Nepal is still getting back on it’s feet after the devastating earthquake less than two years ago but making great progress.  The students in this bible school are smart, committed, energetic, enthusiastic and will continue on to work with many other Nepalese christians to see the message of Jesus come to every person in this beautiful country.  Please keep Nepal in your prayers!


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God’s Faithfulness

This post is all about God’s faithfulness to us. If you’re in a season of unknown or hardship, keep pressing into to God as He will be there every step of the way.  The key in the photo above represents hours and hours of prayer, perseverance and trust. This key demonstrates God’s faithfulness. This key brings about closure to years of waiting and uncertainty as we stepped out in faith and into the transition from local YWAM base leadership in Belize to significant global roles and serving from Kona. This key is the key to the house that God provided! Was it a difficult path?  Yes. Was the path filled with unknowns and ‘out of this world’ trusting God for something we could not do in our own strength?  Yes, most definitely. Whatever the situation, however long it takes, good or bad… trust God. He is the key to everything we will ever go through.
Many of you have been asking how you can help with our transition from Belize to working more globally with YWAM. We have had a number of large expenses  with our move as well as setting up a house (washer/dryer, fridge, new flooring, paint etc…).  We’d like to suggest three options:
2 Lowes Hardware Gift Card
3. Costco Cash Card
Our mailing address is:
Chris and Lynn Toney
PO Box 4555
Kailua Kona, HI 96745
Any of the three options would be a HUGE blessing in helping us tackle the needs as we complete this transition and continue our work now on a global level. We are trusting that you will hear from God in whichever option and whatever amount you feel you are to give. Every amount counts.
Thanks and bless you!
Chris and Lynn

(919) 473-3903


2017 Brings a Whole Lot of New Things for Chris and Lynn 

  • New base location to serve through Youth With A Mission
  • New  roles to define and learn
  • New richness in the Lord
  • New place to lay our heads
  • New friendships to grow in
  • New challenges and growth
  • New training, teaching, bible research/projects, counseling and leadership opportunities to share
  • New countries to explore and connect 


  • New passports to break in.

The past 20 years serving in missions has been wonderful… so many memories, challenges and joys.  This current season, a continuation of our service with YWAM with a freshness and newness… well, let it be all for Gods glory.

As Chris and Lynn set out for almost a month’s worth of traveling: to teach, to counsel to love on those in need of Christ’s love, we appreciate your prayers. 

Belize. Nepal. & India. Also, a surprise mystery country we are visiting for ministry opportunities that quiet possibly could involve YOU.. in the near future!! 

Stay tuned for more info.