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Samsung Health: The Beginning of Smart Health Care


Build healthy habits
for you

Health care starts with managing your life habits.
To make sure you stick to good habits every day,
start managing your exercise and food systematically.

Achieve goals
by recording your day

You can't achieve your goals through just one-time efforts.
Record and track your daily activities and life
as you get closer to your health goal.

How to have more fun walking
with your friends

You can walk further and longer with people by your side.
Compare the number of your steps against that of all users, and invite your friends to compete.
Challenge friends around the world! Walking becomes more fun with others.

A world that leads you
to happiness beyond health

There are certain things that are just better with other people.
You can enjoy Samsung Health to the fullest and make it more useful
with a variety of apps and partner accessories.

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Get news
before anyone else

Be the first to get must-read news
on Samsung Health and exciting events.
Useful information and fantastic benefits await you.

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