Lakehome Games, LLC
Based in Minneapolis, MN

Founding date:
November 15, 2004


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4093 Durham Court
Eagan, MN 55122

+00 (1) 763-301-1018


Lakehome Games is an American independent game studio made of Darrel & Karen Cusey, building video games and video game development tools since 2004.


Early history

Lakehome Games was founded in 2004 by Darrel & Karen Cusey. In its early history, Lakehome Games created all kinds of resources and tutorials for aspiring game developers, but never tried to develop its own games. Instead, Lakehome Games was exploring procedural content generation, artificial intelligence, and programmatic story-arc generation algorithms.

2004 - 2006: The first project completed during this time was a web-based world-generation and exploration system that could create realistic details all the way down to the street level. The world for this first system was called "Infinesse," and took about two years to complete. It used PHP, CSS, Javascript, and lots and lots of fantasy cartography artwork. Each detail level was generated dynamically in a grid using a simple one-way hash function. Clicking on any part of the grid would zoom in to the next level of detail, and so on.

2006 - 2012: The second project completed in Lakehome Games early years was a complete massive-multiplayer-online role-playing game built in DarkBASIC where the characters were robots descended from astroid mining machines. This second project was called "World of OMEN (Orbital Mining and Exploration Network)." This project took over five years to complete, and was later changed into a series of tutorials for anyone interested in building large-scale multiplayer online games. In this early time, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook either didn't exist or were not very popular, so all these tutorials were published in online discussion forums and static web pages.

2012 - 2015: The third project completed during this time was a multiplayer online battle area (MOBA) called "ShatterRealm." This project was a team effort that brought together Lakehome Games with a startup company named "Whiteout Studios." Whiteout Studios was composed of AAA game studio veterans who wanted to start their own Indie studio. For this project, Darrel did all the programming and networking work while Whiteout Studios focused on the all the artwork including 3D modeling, environment modeling, textures, world-building, and graphic effects. ShatterRealm was completed and shown at both GDC 2014 and GDC 2015, and was widely praised for its interesting game mechanics, smooth gameplay, brilliant artwork, and rock-solid system engineering. Despite its obvious potential, Whiteout Studios was not able to find a publisher willing to take a chance on an unproven studio.

Recent History

2015 - 2016: Lakehome Games then developed a small puzzle-game for iOS and Android called "Bitter Plants." This project used Amazon Web Service (AWS) for its backend (specifically Cognito and Dynamo DB services), and was built entirely in Unity 3D. Players tried to re-create a 3-color pattern on a hexagon grid with only a limited number of moves. Players could create their own puzzles, share them with friends, and vote on puzzles they liked. Bitter Plants also had a Story Mode where solving puzzles unlocked chapters to a rich, thought-provoking story. Bitter Plants included in-app purchases that allowed players to buy gems that would unlock new puzzles or give them hints for solving puzzles. Bitter Plants was an Official Selection for the 2016 Glitchcon Minnecade, and an Official Selection for the 2016 BuschConnect Digital Play Expo. Although everyone who tried Bitter Plants enjoyed the puzzles, the story, and the qwirky gameplay; the game never achieved enough installations to be financially successful. The game, however, is still available on the Google Play store.

2017: Throughout 2017, Lakehome Games has been working on various work-for-hire projects. These include a NES emulator, a professional multiplayer bike racing simulator, and several other projects.

Currently:Lakehome Games is currently working on a new undisclosed project.



ShatterRealm YouTube

Bitter Plants YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Official Selection for the 2016 Glitchcon Minnecade" - Minneapolis, MN, 2016
  • "Official Selection for the 2016 BuschConnect Digital Play Expo" - Minneapolis, MN, 2016

Selected Articles

  • ""Bitter Plants hasn't been release yet, I can't quote anyone""
    - Darrel Cusey, cellar pipe

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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Darrel Cusey
Game Programmer, Game Designer

Karen Cusey
Game Designer, Voice Actress

Ty Burks
Game Designer, 2D Artist

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